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This weekend I took the kids to Staples to pick up supplies for the start back to school.  Adam (Son #2) was looking for a folder to keep his homework and other assorted books in, when he spotted Filofax folders and decided that would work for him.  It took me a while to explain what Filofax was and that they were nothing like what he was looking for.  Both the boys laughed when I explained what a Filofax did; a paper organiser with removable sections, all bound in a nice leather wallet.  Today, both boys have iPods and can manage their contacts, calendar, notes and emails all on a single device.  Paper doesn’t even figure in their world.  In fact, it’s the same for me too now, as I can get all the information I need from my iPhone.  Whilst this isn’t always the most ideal form factor, I can at least read and edit all my data, regardless of the format.  However, bac... (more)

Storage in Cloud Is Not the Center of the Universe

In a previous post, I touched on the need to have APIs for managing storage in cloud environments.  In this post, I’ll talk about how the way in which storage is deployed in cloud environments has to change. For the last 10 years, the advent of Storage Area Networks (SANs) has created a storage-centric view of the world with storage at the centre and the “planets” – networking and servers – wrapped around it like some pre-Copernican view of the universe.  Over time, SANs have evolved to be ever bigger, with some organisations deploying huge fibre channel fabrics.  As we’ve seen ... (more)

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Storage Spaces

This is one of a series of posts discussing the new features in Windows Server 2012, due to be shipped this year and currently in public beta release as Windows Server “8″.  You can find references to other related posts at the end of this article.  This post reviews the new Storage Spaces feature. Background Storage Spaces Controller Storage Spaces is a feature that takes standard JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks) connected to a Windows 8 Server and allows them to be used to create pools of storage.  The pools can then be used to create volumes on the server.  The benefit of using... (more)

Amazon Delivers Cloud Archive Storage with Glacier

At the end of August 2012, Amazon Web Services released their latest service offering – a long-term archive service called Glacier.  As a complement to their existing active data access service S3, Glacier provides long term storage for “cold” data – information that has to be retained for a long time but doesn’t require frequent access. What Exactly is Glacier? Many organisations need to retain data in archive format for extended periods of time.  This is for regulatory or compliance purposes or may simply be part of their normal business process.  Good examples are medical, h... (more)

HP & Violin?

I found the following article from last week’s “The Register” an interesting one: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/01/27/hp_and_violin_memory/ In it, Chris Mellor talks about HP producing an Oracle Exadata competitor by integrating the use of Violin Memory’s all-SSD storage array.  Folks may remember that I predicted exactly this set up in the following post: http://www.thestoragearchitect.com/2010/06/17/enterprise-computing-storage-arrays-where-data-goes-to-die/ While attending an HP event last year it became obvious to me that (for some customers at least) the ability to include... (more)