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Perhaps I should have entitled this post “The Cyclical Nature of IT” because the same principles apply. Over time, storage moves back and forth between fully dispersed and fully centralized like a sine wave on an oscilloscope. The Evidence Look at the evidence.  In the 1950′s and 1960′s there was no choice but to be centralized. All we had was mainframe and dumb disk drives.  Storage needed a controller the size of a fridge to work and so was never going to be distributed to the masses any time soon. Then in the late 1970s, in comes Al Shugart and Seagate, giving us the first drive in a format we recognize today – the ST506.  As soon as that point is reached, we can now deploy our own servers with dedicated storage and so we had the distributed storage sprawl of the early 1990s. This quickly evolved into SAN storage, which brought us back to that centralised stora... (more)

Why Does Microsoft Hyper-V Not Support NFS?

I recently wrote an article covering storage for virtualisation and was surprised to find out that Microsoft does not support the use of NFS shares with Hyper-V.  At first I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong and that my configuration was in error.  But after a lot of lab testing and eventually finding some [...] ... (more)

Electronic Organisers: From Paper to iPhone

This weekend I took the kids to Staples to pick up supplies for the start back to school.  Adam (Son #2) was looking for a folder to keep his homework and other assorted books in, when he spotted Filofax folders and decided that would work for him.  It took me a while to explain what Filofax was and that they were nothing like what he was looking for.  Both the boys laughed when I explained what a Filofax did; a paper organiser with removable sections, all bound in a nice leather wallet.  Today, both boys have iPods and can manage their contacts, calendar, notes and emails all on... (more)

Two Weeks in Review

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, with two lots of travelling in different directions.  Last week I was in Barcelona at the HP Converged Infrastructure (CI)Event and the week previously at HDS’s launch of the new VSP (Virtual Storage Platform).  Both HP and HDS released their new platform at the same time (HP as the P9500, HDS as the VSP) and both originate from Hitachi in Japan.  As is usual with these releases, both companies claim to be integral to the product’s development and perhaps they were in different areas.  Lots of other things have been happening too. The Ris... (more)

Why SMI-S Doesn’t Work

In a recent post (this one on SRM), Wayne M Adams from SNIA took the time to comment as to why he believed SMI-S is alive and well. Rather than simply reply on that comment thread, I thought I would take the time to put together a summary of why SMI-S (in my opinion) hasn’t worked and will never work in the current incarnation. So let’s start with what SMI-S means.  Here’s the official definition from the SNIA website: “The Storage Management Initiative-Specification (SMI-S) is a standard designed with the purpose of standardizing and streamlining storage management functions a... (more)